Environmental and Mining Law

Environmental Law entails the application of laws and legal principles to any matter relating to water, air, soil, radiation, natural resource utilisation (such as mining or power generation), waste and other emissions and the associated impacts to the natural and human environment. The Environmental and Mining Law Department of MacRobert brings more than two decades of in-depth experience in these complex fields of law to clients in the mining, industrial, power generation, transport, petroleum exploration and production, infrastructure and other commercial sectors. We also have unique experience in rendering environmental and mining law advice within the context of multi-disciplinary consultant teams relating the application of environmental and mining legal principles to technical and scientific scenarios.

The department provides, amongst others, the following services:

  • Strategic environmental-legal advice and project coordination
  • Environmental legal risk assessments
  • Risk and liability management strategies
  • Environmental legal compliance assessments and registers
  • Environmental legal due diligence investigations in commercial transactions
  • Contaminated land sale, remediation and other liability transfer agreements
  • Legal advice in respect of environmental impact assessments and public participation
  • Legal advice and process coordination during applications for environmental permits, authorisations and licences
  • Administrative representations and appeals
  • Environmental and mining litigation
  • Mining rights audits
  • Training and workshops
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Adriaan van Niekerk
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Kenneth Cameron
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