Strategically supporting development in South Africa one legal matter at a time

MacRobert has a long history of engaging with organisations that focus on supporting both children in need and education programmes. An example of this is our ongoing partnership with Mohau Children’s Centre. Commitment to Social Economic Development (SED), Enterprise Development (ED) and Supplier Development (SD) is an important element of good corporate citizenship, alongside sustainability and good governance.   MacRobert is keenly aware of the need for corporate companies to contribute generously to the uplifting and care of a broader South African society.

At the same time, we wish to extend our legal expertise and resources to support and uplift SMMEs, Social Enterprises and NPOs in order to maximise the positive impact that these organisations have in South Africa. We want to enable SMMEs and social enterprises to develop and grow and ultimately to become an integral part of the South African economy.

We believe that our more than 120 years of legal experience assists us in making a valuable contribution.

We support the B-BBEE legislation and allocate expertise and resources to achieve this, i.e. to support skills development, create jobs, develop entrepreneurs, support the creation of synergistic partnerships, for example between public and private sector or between large and small enterprises.

It is the practice of MacRobert to support suppliers from previously disadvantaged groups. We expect our suppliers to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and we require them to comply with applicable laws and regulations. MacRobert encourages corruption-free decision making and sound management based on appropriate environmental, occupational health and safety, and human rights and labour policies.

Pro Bono work is made available to the following entities:

Enterprise Development (ED) and Supplier Development (SD) Partners

  • The emphasis is on the promotion of small business and entrepreneurship. Legal services are made available to those SMME’s where the payment of legal fees would deplete the enterprise’s economic resources and adversely affect its ability to trade.

Non-profit organisations (Socio-Economic Development Partners)

  • Support is provided to  non-governmental, non-profit, community-based, public benefit, corporate or unincorporated bodies, trusts, foundations or charities working for the public interest or working to secure or to protect human rights.

MacRobert believes that everyone deserves a proper education and is committed to supporting organisations that uplift the society, whether it is school education, tertiary education or community-based education, to sustain themselves.

18 Organisations have benefited from MacRobert’s Socio-Economic Development projects since 2015:

  1. Mohau Centre
  2. Good Work Foundation
  3. Waste to Wow
  4. Sabi Sand Pfunanani Trust
  5. Immanuel Shoebox
  6. Rejoice Day Care Centre
  8. Miki Maths Trust
  9. Charisma Drop-In Centre
  10. Life Tree Co
  11. Coffee Daddy
  12. Motheong
  13. The Astar Project
  14. Operation Healing Hands
  15. Mamelodi High School
  16. Kwalata Community Development Initiatives
  17. Missio Dei Education
  18. By Grace of God Day Care Centre

Representatives of 5 SED organisations (Mohau Centre,, Miki Maths Trust, Charisma Drop-In Centre and Life Tree Co) have benefited from the workshops that have been hosted by MacRobert in 2015 and 2016.


Institutions or organisations that comply with the criteria outlined below are invited to submit an application for legal services that may be required:

More than 75% of the beneficiaries of the organisation are black persons as defined in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 53 of 2003;

  • The intention of the institution/organisation must be to serve Public Interest; and
  • The institution/organisation must be dependent on donations as its main source of income.

Representatives of 31 ED and SD organisations have benefited from the workshops that have been hosted by MacRobert since 2015 (13th Floor Gallery, Absolute Style Wines, A-Game Business Consulting, B.I. Xpress, Beauty Personified, Be-Direct Solutions, Fhatanani Agri-Packers, Four One One Communications, Fresh at Market, IPS (Infinite Packaging Solutions), Isiyalu Manufacturing, JTC Activations, Kura IT, Ledikana, Life Tree Co, Little Green Number, Lotso, Marple Skin, MBN Accounting, Molly's Food, MuR Coffee, Petrolink, Pineapple Baby, Redlife Marketing/Communication Agency, Sho-Sho Communications, Thaba Forensics, Thabake, The Uzenzele Program, Tshabangu Inc. Attorneys, Unleashed Enterprise Development, Yamama Gemmer)

Over and above the workshops, we further supported a number of these enterprises by providing legal advice, donations and business opportunities by connecting them to the MacRobert procurement process. Included below is a brief outline of some of the SMEs that we have engaged as suppliers of MacRobert since inception in 2015.

1 Isiyalu Manufacturing (“Isiyalu”)

Isiyalu specialises in clothing manufacturing, customized clothing of all fabrics including corporate uniforms, all forms of protective clothing, security, promotional and other forms of clothing. They are able to provide in house branding and marketing services such as digitizing, embroidery, printing (screen and sublimation).

In 2015, Isiyalu designed and manufactured the running shirts for the MacRobert staff members and clients who participated in a corporate running event.

In 2016, Isiyalu again designed and manufactured the running shirts for the annual running event as well as the shirts for the staff members who work in the Call Centre.

In 2017 and 2018, Isiyalu again made some shirts for the Call Centre as well as body warmers.  They also manufactured the running shirts for our annual corporate running event.

2 The Heartfelt Project (“Heartfelt”)

Heartfelt is a job creation and skills development project, using traditional hand craft skills to create Heartfelt products designed predominantly out of felt and beading. What makes Heartfelt products so unique is that they bring together rural woman producers and designers to develop innovative, high-quality product lines that are responsive to local and international markets. The ladies are given the opportunity to travel to urban centres to meet buyers, visit retail markets and connect with a larger context of taste, trend and consumption. In addition, The Heartfelt Project aims to ensure that these women can both continue to use their skills and earn a living wage for the rest of their lives.

Since 2015 MacRobert ordered corporate and internal staff gifts from the Heartfelt Ladies.

3 MuR Coffee Co

MuR Coffee Co specialises in coffee roasting, packaging and distribution. MuR Coffee Co. is able to provide Corporate Coffee Gifts (including, coffee beans, two (2) specialty espresso cups, French press , Aeropress, Moka pot, coffee grinder); Office solution (MuR Coffee Co. can assist corporate companies with creating a bean to cup coffee experience for employees and customers and also provide total on-site coffee solutions with a full time trained barista); and event management (MuR Coffee Co. can manage small functions to big on behalf of a customer, providing the perfect cup of freshly roasted and brewed 100% Arabica coffee).

MacRobert assisted MuR Coffee Co. structuring and registering the MuR Coffee Co. company.

MacRobert also purchased specially branded coffee bags from MuR Coffee Co for the Leading Women of Africa Conference and for our annual corporate gifts to clients.

4 Redlife Marketing/Communication Agency (“Redlife”)

Redlife addresses the marketing challenges in today’s ever changing business environment. Redlife’s vision is to build and nurture a team of extremely talented people that produce creative, fresh and ground-breaking ideas in the industry.

Redlife has done a significant amount of work for MacRobert during the course of 2015 and 2016, including all corporate design and printing.

5 Little Green Number

Little Green Number is an award winning company who turn ads into bags! Each of the products that they make from recycled billboards is funky and unique.

MacRobert advertises on billboards as a part of its marketing strategy in Pretoria.  From 2015 onward we have donated these billboards to Little Green Number.  In 2015 Little Green Number manufactured our corporate gifts out of these billboards. The gifts ranged from laptop bags to beach bags, wine bags and coin purses. The products are well-made, unique, support job creation and recycling. It has been a very successful partnership.

6 The Uzenzele Program (“Uzenzele”)

Uzenzele focuses on Grant & Developmental Funding Support, Business Strategy, Compliance and BEE Solutions and Advice. MacRobert provided Uzenzele with legal assistance through 2015.

Uzenzele presented at the inaugural workshop for SMEs, social enterprises and NPOs hosted by MacRobert in 2015.

In 2016, MacRobert has assisted Fresh At Market (“Fresh”) to register a company for operations. This included covering the company registration costs and ensuring that all company documentation and agreements, including a Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and Shareholder’s Agreement are in place.

7 Fresh At Market (Catering)

Following the registration of Fresh, MacRobert contracted Fresh to be its main catering supplier for a period of 3 years. This contract includes Fresh providing daily lunch menu for the MacRobert directors and management staff (20 lunches per day) and boardroom catering for client and staff events. This contract started on 1 June 2016.

As a direct result of the contract with MacRobert, Fresh has made two significant changes regarding employment and promotion of staff members:

Ms. Thembe Ntsimini has been promoted to Assistant Chef at Fresh.

With the contract in place Ms. Patricia Stokie Maraba joined Fresh as full time employee. Ms. Maraba assists Ms. Ntsimini and manages the cleaning and washing up at Fresh headquarters in Justice Mohammed Street.

Over and above the legal support provided to Fresh, MacRobert has assisted Fresh in the equipment required for Fresh to manage this contract.

8 A-Game Business Consulting (“A-Game”)

A-Game was founded by KK Diaz in 2016. MacRobert is in the process of providing legal assistance to A-Game.

KK Diaz is an extremely talented business coach and has presented the Business Development workshops hosted by MacRobert. Inc. in 2016 as well as in 2017.

KK is also an author and MacRobert purchased his book, “The Climb From African't to African” in order to give to clients as an end of year corporate gift in 2016.  MacRobert assisted KK financially to publish his second book (Business Blueprint) and will distribute a copy to the SMME’s attending the 2nd Business Development workshop series in 2017.

9 Sho-Sho Communications

Sho-Sho Communications is a full services communications agency that was founded by Theresho Selesho.

Sho-Sho Communications became the primary communications partner for MacRobert in 2016 and supports MacRobert on all branding and marketing initiatives.

In 2016 and 2017 MacRobert supported Sho-Sho Communications by providing pro bono legal advice. MacRobert also provided Sho-Sho Communications in 2016 with a grant that enabled them to access strategic financial support from MBN Accounting.

10 Infinite Packaging Solutions (IPS)

IPS was founded by Gary Trueman. IPS services include packaging (comprehensive solution from concept to manufacturing, including custom made packaging); business to business printer (broad range of digital printing services using the latest technologies and techniques ensuring quality, flexibility and fast turnaround).

MacRobert provided legal assistance to IPS in 2016 and will continue to do so in 2017.

IPS is a supplier to MacRobert and has become an integral part of its branding and marketing team in 2016 and 2017. Through the MacRobert connection, IPS is also working with Sho-Sho Communications on a number of other projects. This collaboration has been mutually beneficial to both IPS and Sho-Sho Communications.