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Traffic Lights, Proudly Powered by MacRobert Attorneys

Posted 14 June 2023

We, as MacRobert Attorneys, collaborated with local Tshwane Councillor, Jarad Frimmel, to address a persistent issue at the intersection of Justice Mahomed Street and Jan Shoba Street. The problem arose during instances of load shedding when the traffic lights at the intersection would lose power, resulting in traffic congestion and safety concerns.

We recognized the importance of keeping traffic flowing smoothly and ensuring public safety and took the initiative to find a solution that would mitigate the impact of load shedding on the traffic lights. We understand that relying solely on the main power grid could lead to significant disruptions during power outages, and therefore sought alternative power resources to maintain the functionality of the traffic lights.

Working closely with the Tshwane Municipality, we explored options to connect the traffic lights at the intersection to independent power sources. We connected the traffic light to our backup power system, inclusive of a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System), generator, and in the future, our solar solution.  Collaborating with relevant government authorities to implement the necessary infrastructure changes.

This innovative solution ensured that the traffic lights could remain operational during load shedding, thereby reducing traffic congestion, enhancing road safety, and improving the overall flow of traffic in the local community.

The partnership between MacRobert Attorneys and the City of Tshwane exemplifies the positive impact that can be achieved when private entities and government officials collaborate to address community issues. By proactively taking steps to tackle the problem of power disruptions at the intersection, we demonstrated a commitment to the welfare of the local community and showcased how the private sector can work hand in hand with the government to deliver practical and sustainable solutions.