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Consultation notices on the Minister's intention to repeal various regulations under the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act, 1965

Posted 30 August 2019

MacRobert wishes to draw your attention to the following important notices published on 30 August 2019

Notices 1113;1114 and 1115
Gazette 42669
Date 30 August 2019

The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries has in terms of the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act, 1965 ("the Act"), published consultation notices regarding her intention to repeal the undermentioned Regulations:

  1. The Regulations regarding fuel burning appliances in dwelling houses (GNR: 1113);
  2. The Smoke Control Regulations and Smoke Control Zone orders (GNR: 1114);  and
  3. The Regulations relating to the inspection of premises in a dust control area and the dust control areas declared in terms of the Act (GNR 1115).

Members of the public should submit to the Minister, their written inputs or comments in regards to the notices within 30 days of publication the abovementioned notices in the Government Gazette.

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