Financial Recoveries

Our Financial Recoveries division offers a sophisticated service of managing debtor’s accounts. The service includes continuously making contact with debtors who are in arrears with their repayments for 30 days or even less. Contact is established through sms, telephone calls and written correspondence. MacRobert has mastered the credit collection ability via a call centre by using a combination of the above, together with a certain measure of persistency and the legal process where necessary. By making contact with the debtor and obtaining a promise to pay (PTP) the first month when a payment is not honoured, our clients are first in line for payment against other creditors.

Our collection success and exceptional conversion ratios are based on a variety of factors being:

  • a sophisticated debt collection program;
  • various tracing facilities, both in‑house and external;
  • a dedicated team of credit consultants that are incentive and target driven;
  • prompt and persistent follow up on default payments;
  • automated sms’s sent out as payment reminder;
  • various collection strategies;
  • accurate reporting system on all operation factors required to run a successful debt collection operation.

For our Financial Recoveries we use Customised Electronic Debt Collection Management System catering for the client’s specific needs. This not only result in improved collections, but through the combination of tradition legal collection methods and the call centre functionality, even better results are achieved. In addition, the psychological leverage as legal firm also leads to improved repayments and settlements.

MacRobert has developed an operating platform called MaViS™, (short for the MacRobert Virtual Secretary). MaViS™ was created during 2003 and the design required the involvement of lawyers, accountants, managers and system designers. MaViS™ is a product developed by Directors and Managers and it assists in ensuring an increased level of service quality to our clients. In 2007 Mavis was upgraded to include the latest software technology and to install the software programme EXCALIBUR.

EXCALIBUR offers the following:

  • Speedy debt collection with integrated accounting and reporting    function
  • Mass SMS communication functionality
  • Large scale debt collection through a paperless call centre console
  • A “follow-up” legal service when client defaults
  • Accurate daily, weekly and/or monthly reports, depending on client needs
  • Ability to handle large volumes Combined with our experienced legal knowledge in debt collection, the technology at our disposal results in our proceeding with appropriate and relevant legal action at the right time in case of default.
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