MacRoberts Attorneys Altus Janse van Rensburg
Altus Janse van Rensburg

Professional Indemnity Law
+27 (31)  001 8905
Altus obtained a B Comm (Accountancy) degree, as well as a BLC and LLB from the University of Pretoria. He also holds a Higher Diploma in Tax Law (RAU). Altus obtained the Insolvency Practitioners of South Africa (IPSA) certificate (cum laude) and also holds a Certificate in Medicine and Law from UNISA. He was admitted in 1994 and practiced as attorney, notary and conveyancer until he joined the Pretoria Bar during 1996.

He relocated to MacRobert in 1998 on his readmission as an attorney. His areas of expertise include cases pertaining to medical law with regards to medical work in KwaZulu-Natal.
MacRoberts Attorneys Diana Pfaff
Diana Pfaff

Professional Indemnity Law
+27 (21) 001 7876

Diana qualified with the degrees BA LLB from the University of Cape Town in 1989 and was admitted as an attorney in 1992. She practised in the fields of human rights, personal injury and insurance law, at partnership level from 1995, until joining MacRobert in 1999. Di was a director of MacRobert from 2000 until 2008, jointly heading the Cape Town medical section for some two years, and is now a consultant. Di’s areas of expertise include all aspects of medical law, especially those relating to the Health Professions Council of South Africa, inquests, civil litigation and criminal proceedings. She has presented on these topics at conferences and also lectured law graduates in personal injury law for several years.

MacRoberts Attorneys Dorothea Voges
Dorothea Voges

Professional Indemnity Law
+27 (12) 425 3550
Dorothea holds a BA LLB degree from the University of the Witwatersrand as well as an LLM degree in Intellectual Property Law from the University of South Africa (Unisa). She was admitted as an attorney in 1990 and has been with MacRobert Incorporated since 2005. She became a director in 2009. She joined the medical division of the Pretoria office in 2014.
MacRoberts Attorneys Gordon Hay
Gordon Hay

Corporate & Commercial Law
+27 (012) 425 3452
Gordon holds a B Comm LLB degree as well as a Higher Diploma in Tax Law. He was admitted as an attorney in 1973 and then joined MacRobert, where he was appointed director in 1975.

In 1995 he was elected Senior Partner and re-elected as such in 2000.

Gordon specializes in general litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution and labour law.

He has served as a member of the Executive Committee at the Pretoria Attorneys Association, as member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Law Society of Northern Transvaal, as director of Project Literacy and served on various other committees.

Gordon is highly respected in the corporate world for his problem-solving abilities and his expertise in the industry. He has pioneered MacRobert to evolve into one of the most advanced and respected law firms in South Africa, by aligning client needs with innovative ideas and alternate solutions to traditional approaches.
MacRoberts Attorneys Leon Kelbrick
Leon Kelbrick

Professional Indemnity Law
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Leon obtained the degrees BA and LLB from the University of Pretoria.  After his admission as an attorney in 1979 he joined MacRobert Attorneys where he was appointed a director in 1983.  He was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of Lesotho in 1980.  Leon has practised in the field of medical professional indemnity litigation since 1979 and is one of the most experienced practitioners in this field in the country.  He has been involved in litigation which has produced landmark decisions relating to wrongful birth and cerebral palsy claims.

Leon was appointed as a part time lecturer in the Department of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, in 2001.  He still holds this post.  He has regularly given presentations on subjects relating to medical law to a wide range of audiences.  Leon served on the Executive Committee of the Pretoria Attorneys Association, acting as the secretary of the Association for a number of years.  He has been on the firm’s Management Committee for fifteen years.  Leon was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of MacRobert Inc in 2014.
MacRoberts Attorneys Tiaan Booyse

Shabana Hayat
Professional Indemnity Law
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Shabana obtained the degrees BA and LLB from the University of Cape Town in 2004. She first joined MacRobert Incorporated as a candidate attorney in 2005 and was admitted as an attorney in 2007. She practised in the Medical Division of the Cape Town office until 2009 when she relocated to Sydney, Australia.

While in Sydney, she gained experience as a medico-legal adviser to a medical indemnity insurance company and thereafter practised as a lawyer in the health law division of an international law firm specialising in insurance law litigation. Shabana returned to South Africa and recommenced practice in the Medical Division of the Cape Town office of MacRobert Incorporated in 2016.

Over the years, Shabana has regularly delivered presentations at conferences on a range of dispute resolution and risk management topics specifically relating to health professionals.
MacRoberts Attorneys Tiaan Booyse

Thandina Charters
Environmental and Mining Law
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Thandina obtained her BCom degree in 1999 and her LLB in 2001 from the University of the Witwatersrand. She spent two years in Ireland, gaining practical work experience at Lawlor O'Reilly & Company, Solicitors. Upon her return in 2003, Tandina served her articles of clerkship with Brian Kahn Incorporated. She was admitted as an attorney in June 2005. Thandina has always had an interest in environmental law and despite being offered a position at Brian Kahn Incorporated, she elected to pursue her interest in environmental law and commenced specialisation in the field at Cameron Cross Incorporated in September 2005. During her time at Cameron Cross, Thandina advised clients in various sectors on environmental issues through environmental legal auditing, due diligence investigations, interpretation of environmental legislation and drafting of legal opinions. In addition, she assisted clients with administrative appeals and other administrative remedies as well as litigation within the environmental legal context. Thandina provided environmental legal advice and assistance to clients in overall environmental legal management. She has lectured at the University of Pretoria and presented on various environmental legal topics to various audiences. At the time that Cameron Cross closed their doors in February 2013, she was practising as a senior associate attorney at the firm. Thandina joined MacRobert Incorporated in June 2014 as a consultant in the Environmental and Mining Department.