Back to the beginning

In 1996 MacRobert celebrated its Centenary – 100 years of law practice. This makes MacRobert one of the oldest and longest surviving law practices in the old Transvaal now divided into Gauteng and three further provinces.

MacRobert traces its history back to the three founding partners being; Norman MacRobert; Frederick Lunnon and William Alfred Tindall.

Each of them commenced practice in Pretoria, founding the two practices of MacRobert, de Villiers and Hitge and Lunnon and Tindall.

These two practices merged in 1989 to form MacRobert de Villiers Lunnon and Tindall. In 2000 the practice name was shortened (much to the stated relief of clients who had difficulty with the long name) to Macrobert Incorporated.  At the Pretoria office we have consulting rooms named after these founding partners with some photographs, documents and other memorabilia.

The Johannesburg Times of 11 April, 1896 records that F J Lunnon was both admitted as an Attorney on that day and also divorced from his wife.  Lunnon was a Cambridge graduate who had practised as a Solicitor in London.  His wife had apparently not been prepared to follow him from London to wild South Africa.

Mr. Lunnon practised with his co-founding partner William Alfred Tindall for many years.  Both Messrs. Lunnon and Tindall served on the Council of the Law Society.   Mr. Lunnon was also Chairman of the Council.

There is a Lunnon Road and a Tindall Street in Pretoria. These streets intersect in Hatfield near the campus of the University of Pretoria.